New Trends in Pizza

Pizza is pizza, plain and simple. If you put meat, tomato sauce, and cheese on a good crust then that’s all you’d need for it. However, pizza has been going strong for several years despite the fact that it is so simple. Still, you can only put so many toppings on a pizza before even that starts to grow stale.

Thankfully, the pizza lovers of the world have still been making massive changes to their chosen product to keep it relevant even all these years on and here are some of the most inventive trends:

The pizza bagel

Pizza toppings on a bagel seems simple, but its origins are anything but. At least two inventors claim to have invented it, and it allows many people to simply eat pizza while on the go at all times. Most people often eat pizza for dinner and bagels for breakfast, so putting the two together is pretty darn tasty. Plus, they are everywhere!

Breakfast pizzas

If bagels aren’t your style you can still use a traditional crust and place some more breakfasty things on it. Using fried eggs, cheese, sausage, and peppers as toppings can create a breakfast or brunch pizza for any morning.

Its success seems tied to the rise in people who eat brunches, and its continually gained popularity as time goes on. Some restaurants stick to traditional ingredients, while others even put toppings like chicken and waffles on it!

California pizzas

It seems like mothers everywhere rejoiced on the day that the California was invented, because pizza now had a healthy option. The toppings on a California include broccoli, salmon, fennel, and chicken, and olive oil replaces most fats and other sources of sugar. So, it’s different, healthy, and certainly unique to the pizza scene.

In addition, just to make pizza that little bit healthier, many people are now standing by cauliflower crust pizzas, that have either California or regular toppings on them.

Fried pizza

Just to go to the other end of the spectrum of health, far beyond the triple cheese and the Meatzilla Pizza of the world, there is the fried pizza. The dough is fried and then covered with the traditional toppings and seasonings before the entire thing is baked. Other places stuff their pizza into the crust like a calzone, and it is amazing.

Detroit pizza

The second pizza that is named after a city (Chicago being the first), this is the traditional rectangular pizza that is covered in cheese first and then the sauce, and then the toppings. This was created when a Detroit restaurant started using rectangle pans to cook pizza in, and when it became a chain restaurant, everyone else followed in their footsteps.

Far too many more to count

From French bread to Chicago deep dish, pizza and its styles don’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future. So, if you are one of those pizza haters who wishes it would go away, then it probably isn’t a good time you. But if you love pizza, then grab another slice!

Should Your Restaurant Sell Liquor?

When you are thinking about opening up a restaurant in the Miami area, you will be curious about your options. The first thing that you have to think about is what type of food you want to offer. And that makes sense. It is very good to have some idea about what cuisine you will be serving to your customers. We always recommend that you find a balance between what you find interesting and passion-inducing, and what is popular in the area. Then you will have come up with your ideal cuisine.

Another key factor that you will have to think about is whether you need to get a liquor license miami. It will depend on the type of restaurant that you are running and the area where you are setting up. Say you are right next to a college campus and you are selling a simple type of food. Then you may be able to get away without having a license, as many of your customers will be under-21 anyway. But in most circumstances, we would say that you should be getting a liquor license. Why? Read on!

A liquor license matters a lot because it is a great way of making money. Restaurants are able to charge a lot of money for each drink, which brings in tremendous profits. When a couple sits down to have dinner and they have four drinks between them, you are making a lot of money on those drinks. And you can even drum up interest in your restaurant by having a great bar where you sell fancy cocktails. You could even have some classic Southern cocktails at your establishment. It will get the crowds into trying your food and you will make a name for yourself in this way.

Another great thing about having a liquor license is that you will have customers who are having one or two drinks before they even order their food. And we all know that when someone has been drinking, they are more likely to order a lot of food. They are even more likely to keep eating and ordering more dishes. They will also be more generous with their tips, which will be great for your servers and bartenders. It is a great way to create a good vibe in your restaurant. Just make sure that you are serving customers in a sensible and responsible way.

What you will have to be careful about is selling to anyone who is underage. You will have to make sure that you are putting your staff and bartenders through the right type of training. They have to know to ask everyone who is at a table for their ID if they are bringing a round of drinks. And they also have to know how to spot the most obvious of fake IDs. This will ensure that no one underage is trying to get into your restaurant and buy alcohol. It will be good for your reputation as well.